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Things You Should Know Before Bringing Home A New Kitten

There are many people who want a new pet and a kitten or cat can make a great addition to your family. Children often crave pets and desire a kitten or puppy. Cats should not be overlooked when deciding on a pet.

Cat Worms: Its Types And How To De-worm Your Cat

Several parasitic contagions can affect your cat. Although only a few cat worms can be healed at home, it is still urged that you take your cat to the veterinarian. In case of contact with infected cats, humans can also be affected by these infections.

Death Of Pets On Airline Flights

The number of animal deaths on-board airline flights is alarming. You need to be aware of the restrictions each airline has when you are traveling with your pets.

Basic Pet Care for Cats

The basic pet care for cats have the same requirements like dogs. They require health check up with the veterinarian, receive vaccinations, dental care and have a wellness program so they can live a long and happy life.

Kitten Play

Some new cat parents find they aren't prepared when these little angels become little furry balls of unstoppable energy who hang from chandeliers, bounce off of walls and pounce on anything that moves. So what is a new kitten-parent to do? Why do kittens need to play with such ferocity and intensity?

Ringworm In Cats - An Easy Question And Answer Guide For You

Cats are common victims of the dermatophyte that cause ringworm. To be specific, ringworm in cats is caused by M canis or Microsporum canis. This fungus is also responsible for the dog and human infections.

Threatening Outdoor Dangers for the Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cat is strictly an INDOOR cat. Most hairless cat owners will keep their companion indoors with them all the time, as they recognise that the world outdoors can be a very dangerous place for the Sphynx cat. If you do want to take your Sphynx outside...

Proper Flea Removal For Cats

Proper flea removal for cats should consider not just the removal of fleas, but also prevent them recurring. Fleas seem to be a problem in furry animals. They cause itching of the host and the residue of fleas can be left wherever the cat goes, creating problems inside the house.

My Cat Peed on My Bed! Does It Hate Me?

If you recently adopted a kitten you might have already been confronted with this problem: the amazing little animal who used to purr in your lap and play with you every time you felt down has started to welcome you with the smell and annoyance of cat urine.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Stop Cats Spraying

Before you spend a fortune on products that do nothing but promise to get rid of your cat's spraying problem, make sure you follow the guidelines below. Most often than not it's really easy to stop cats from spraying, as long as you identify the problem correctly and apply the remedy immediately.