My Cat Peed on My Bed! Does It Hate Me?

By Amanda A Snow

Russian blue catIf you recently adopted a kitten you might have already been confronted with this problem: the amazing little animal who used to purr in your lap and play with you every time you felt down has started to welcome you with the smell and annoyance of cat urine. Yesterday she peed on your bed, today she used the living room sofa instead of its litter box. Is it angry at you? Can you do anything to make it stop?

You should know that there are many reasons that lead to changing a cat's behavior in terms of urination. The most important thing to keep in mind before resorting to drastic measures is that your cat doesn't hate you. It did not pee on your bed out of spite or anger, it's just that some recent changes in its life lead to an urination problem.

Inappropriate urination issues should not be confused with spraying - which is the kind of behavior a cat engages in once it reaches sexual maturity. Spraying usually happens on vertical surfaces, such as doorframes or curtains and is directly related to your cat's hormones and sexual behavior. This is easily resolved by having your cat neutered.

Urination outside the litter box however, can have a number of other causes and it manifests differently. Regardless of age and sex, cats start urinating on several horizontal surfaces around the house: some have a preference for the owner's bed, others use carpets and pieces of furniture.

Although it can be difficult to stop inappropriate urination in cats, the most important step is to find out the cause. Take your cat to the local veterinarian in order to check if it has a medical problem. Make sure you provide perfect litter box conditions and make "toilet time" enjoyable. Look out for changes in the environment, like the addition of another feline to the family or your own behavior and schedule.

Sometimes your cat's behavior is closely related to recent changes in your own life. Maybe it doesn't like your new roommate or maybe you don't have enough time to play anymore. The point is you need to look at what you are doing to upset the kitten as well. Surely, they react inappropriately, but it's their way of saying that they don't like the change, or rather, that they didn't have enough time to be accustomed to it.

Whichever the course of action you decide to take, do not despair! Your cat did not pee on your bed because it is angry with you. It's simply the natural reaction felines have when something changes in their life.

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