Step-By-Step Guide on How to Stop Cats Spraying

By Amanda A Snow

Tonkinese CatsBefore you spend a fortune on products that do nothing but promise to get rid of your cat's spraying problem, make sure you follow the guidelines below. Most often than not it's really easy to stop cats from spraying, as long as you identify the problem correctly and apply the remedy immediately.

1. Have your cat neutered.

Spraying is usually directly related to the sexual development of your cat. Once it reaches maturity, hormones take over its behavior. There is simply no way to stop your cat from spraying as long as it's still entire.

2. Visit the veterinarian in order to rule out the possibility of a medical problem.

Although uncommon, your cat might have a medical disorder related to the urinary tract. Most often than not, these diseases are reflected in other urinary problems, not spraying, but having your kitten checked up is the first thing you should do.

3. Keep your cat away from feline company.

If Tom is already neutered and still has the habit of spraying around the house, it might be because he is aroused by the presence of a neighboring cat. Try to keep him away, by limiting the other cat's access to your garden or house.

4. Provide enough space and care for all your cats.

If you have a multiple-cat household, it is possible that your spraying cat feels uncomfortable near the others. Make sure they all have enough personal space, their own litter box and that you award them the same amount of play and care time.

5. Pay attention to your own behavior.

Sometimes kittens suddenly start spraying if they feel uncomfortable with a recent change in your own life: moving, having a new partner, a busier schedule than before. Try to play with them as often as before and they should stop spraying in no time.

6. Provide your cat with the best litter box.

A suited litter box setup is essential for your cat's happiness. You can easily stop cats spraying if you try to take care of their "toilet" conditions: clean the litter box at least a few times every day, use quality litter and avoid scented products or deodorants.

A spraying cat can become a nuisance. But before you take any radical action, think about the list of tips above. There is literally no reason why you shouldn't have the clean, healthy and happy cat you had before, all at minimal cost.

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