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Traditional Siamese Cats - What You Need to Know Before You Decide

To those of you who are familiar with Traditional Siamese cats from the 60s and 70s, this may come as a shock: many Siamese have changed their appearance in the past 40 years!

Siamese Cats - Do You Really Want One?

With personality plus. Siamese cats can be high maintenance, more so than most house cats. Don't let this put you off, because when it comes to pure breeds, they are no higher maintenance.

Cat Names - Choose the Best Name For Your Cat

Do you name your cat by the way it looks? Sounds? Plays? Should you copy other cats' names? Find something original and unusual?

Have You Checked Your Cat's Teeth Recently?

Cats cannot brush their own teeth. There are a huge number of cats with severe dental disease that desperately need treatment.

Is My Cat Eating Correctly?

Since cats cannot be exercised like dogs can, the only way you can influence your cats weight is by controlling the amount and type of food he or she eats.

An Introduction to Feline / Cat Behavior

Cats are so easy to live with most of the time, which is why their appeal as pets is so widely accepted. Cats are quiet, clean, affectionate and best of all are very self-sufficient.

Help, My Pet Has Diarrhea

One of the most common reasons cat owners seek the help of a veterinarian is because their cat has diarrhea.

Physiotherapy for Arthritic Pets

One of the most proven methods of maintaining mobility in arthritic joints is physiotherapy and the more advanced the mobility problems are, the more important this complimentary therapy becomes.

Cystitis Tips for the Female Cat

Cystitis in cats is an all too common occurrence, especially with inner city cats. All cats with cystitis should be seen by a veterinarian as typically this condition responds well and more quickly with medications.

Responsible Cat Care

When owning a cat, there are few things to consider, such as: living conditions, feeding, grooming and cleanliness. Cats are very adaptable - they can live indoors or outdoors.