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Cats taking Pills - Tablets

From time to time, you may have to give your cat medication in pill form - may that day never come for you, but it probably will.

Moving House with Your Cat : The Settling in Period

I just moved to a house that was vacant for over a year and a few neighborhood cats think it's their territory. One of them is much bigger than my cat and has attacked my cat.

Kitten Vaccinations

One of the most important things you want to do for your kitten to safeguard his health for years to come is consider vaccinations.

Daily Supplements for Healthy Companions

Diet is the foundation of a cat health – nothing can replace a healthy diet of the freshest food you can provide for your cat when it comes to promoting health.

The Natural Approach to Flea Control

As flea season is in full swing in many areas around the country, we are realizing that some of you may need a bit of guidance with the war you are waging in your households.

Cigarette Smoke Linked to Feline Lymphoma

Lymphoma, a deadly cancer of the lymphatic drainage system, is the most common cancer seen in cats and the common occurrence of lymphoma has been mainly linked to widespread infection with feline leukaemia virus.

History of the Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora Cat originated in Turkey, where the breed is widely revered today. In that country, only the white cats are accepted as true Angoras, whereas in the United States many other colors are recognized.

History of the Russian Blue Cat

The exact origin of the Russian Blue cat is unclear. Well-known characteristic of the Russian Blue cat has always been the double fur: short, soft, silky and with upstanding hairs.

History of the Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll Cat was first discovered in 1963 by Ann Baker, who lived in California (USA). She bred experimental Persians & often used her employers semi-feral cats in her breeding programmes.

History of the Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats are a natural breed that evolved in the cold and wet climate of Norway. Everything about them is designed by Mother Nature to help them survive in that environment.