American Bobtail Cat

American Bobtail CatThe American Bobtail originated quite by accident in the late 1960's. A brown tabby short tailed male kitten, was discovered on an Indian Reservation by a couple in Arizona. Much has happened since then and the breed has now evolved into a spectacular breed unlike any other known to the cat fancy.

The American Bobtail is a medium to large cat, some of them being very large boned, and heavily muscled. They come in every color of the cat rainbow. The colors are, Tabbies , Solid colors, and Lynx Points, round out the spectrum of American Bobtail colors.

Because many of the original foundation cats of this breed were "found cats", and had to survive in feral conditions, the breed is very hardy, and intelligent. They are capable of learning things normally associated with dog behavior, and the personality of the American Bobtail is very dog like.


Wonderfully playful, yet gentle, sweet and docile, they are very "up close and personal". The American Bobtail tends to want to interact with the family, as opposed to being aloof and standoffish. They love lots of petting, loving, and cuddling as well as playing. This is a totally domestic breed.

The American Bobtail club has always forbidden the use of any wild blooded cat, including the Bengal, in a proper American Bobtail breeding program. As of this date there has never been a documented cage breeding producing live kittens, nor has there ever been a DNA report conclusively proving that the Bobcat can successfully produce viable kittens with any domestic cat.