American Curl Cat

American Curl CatThe American Curl is most commonly recognized by its unusual ears, which curl backward. This is the result of a natural mutation.

All true American Curls trade their ancestry back to Shulamith, the mother of the American Curl breed rescued in 1981.

There are both longhair and shorthair varieties. This relatively new breed has an energetic, affectionate, even temperament.


The shorthaired variety is called the "Shorthair Curl" by some associations.
Interesting breed fact: The American Curl's rise from stray to pedigreed cat was unusually fast. It was first accepted for championship status by TICA in 1987 and by CFA in 1993.

Associations: The American Curl is accepted for championship status in AACE, ACA, CFA, CFF, and TICA.

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