LaPerm Cat

LaPerm CatThe LaPerm originated from a barn cat named Speedy, found in 1982; her kitten Curly was one of the first documented ancestors of the current LaPerm breed. This is a curly-coated breed unrelated to the Rex breeds. They are gentle, patient, and affectionate, but also moderately active.

Kittens from LaPerm litters can be born with straight hair, curly hair, or no hair. The breed does not breed true for curly hair, so litters may have mixes of hair types. All patterns and colors are acceptable. They are on the small side for breeds, with males averaging around 8 pounds and femals around 6 pounds.


The breed is low maintenence, requiring minimal grooming, because its curly coat does not mat easily. It requires only a bath and towel drying, as blow drying can make the coat frizzy.

Interesting breed fact: Many LaPerm kittens go through a serious "ugly duckling" stage starting around two weeks and lasting as long as four months. Some kittens go bald, usually beginning on the top of the head and working down. They may grow and lose their hair several times during this period.

Associations: The LaPerm is currently accepted by TICA and as Provisional in CFA.

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