Things You Should Know Before Bringing Home A New Kitten

By Rachael Fischer

There are many people who want a new pet and a kitten or cat can make a great addition to your family. Children often crave pets and desire a kitten or puppy. Cats should not be overlooked when deciding on a pet. When deciding on choosing a kitten, the family should decide on what they want out of the kitten and where to get the kitten.

Why Do You Want A Kitten?

When thinking about this question, it may seem obvious. Many people want a pet to love and care for. But there are other reasons why people choose a kitten. Some people want a lap kitten who will sleep on your lap and curl up to you at night. Others want a kitten to play with and run around with. Still others want to interact with the kitten and teach them tricks. Whatever you choose make sure the whole gang in on board.

What Kind of Kitten Do You Want?

There are many kittens to choose from so make sure you know what you want. Long-haired or short-haired? Male or Female? Calico or Tabby? These are all questions to ask before getting your kitten. Many kittens have different personalities so make sure when you see kittens to spend some time with them to see if they are rambunctious, quiet or silly. Once you decide what kind of kitten you want you have to decide where to get your kitten.

Where Can I Get A Kitten?

There are many places to get your kitten, not just at pet store. Take a look at your local newspaper to see if there are people who are giving away kittens for free. You can also look online to see if people are selling or giving away kittens. Often times, when they are free, the littler box and food are included. Another great place is your local SPCA. For a small donation you can choose a cat or kitten. Many kittens and cats are left at the SPCA and really need a good and loving home. You can also try a friend who may have an unexpected litter. Either way, the best way to get a kitten is from someone else or from the SPCA.

Getting Your Home Kitten Ready

Once you have your kitten picked out, you have to make sure your home is safe enough to have a little critter running around. Make sure all electrical wire is safely hidden so that the kitten won't be tempted to chew on it. Also make sure there aren't any hidden places your kitten can get into. You can set a perimeter by closing off doors and only keeping your kitten in one part of the house. Once you make your home kitten safe, have fun enjoying your new pet!